ibd services has launched the Research Centre for Sales and Relationship Management (RCSRM) to further research in the areas of Marketing and Sales & Sales Management. The research projects engaged in focus on improving sales and supplier-customer relationships in a business-to-business context.

The Research Centre for Sales and Relationship Management (RCSRM) focuses on conducting research on sales and business relationships. The aim of the research is to improve sales efficiency and supplier-customer relationships on various levels within and between businesses and organizations. For this purpose, ibd has (through its in 2011 established research arm ‘RCSRM’) engaged in studying various inter- and intra-organizational aspects and phenomena related to selling, sales management and relationship management internationally.

RCSRM is to conduct research both on non-profit and commercial basis, depending on the research project. RCSRM collaborates with research institutes, universities and business schools.

Findings and results from the research projects are published in the form of research reports, papers, articles in journals, and used as material in lectures at universities and business schools.

The main contact for RCSRM is Paul Viio, Ph.D. (Econ.) candidate, Research director of RCSRM. Paul is affiliated with Hanken School of Economics, the Center for Relationship Marketing and Service Management (CERS) and the Finnish Center for Service and Relationship Management (FCSRM).

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