Sales team training

A sales force or sales team that is well-trained and perfectly aligned with the company’s approach, targets and goals is a pre-requisite for achieving and maintaining a high sales performance. In order to bring the sales force to the 21st century, ibd’s sales force training usually focuses on following topics:

  • Understanding the service and value concepts in sales
  • Value-based selling training
  • Solution selling for increasing value to customer (and seller firm)
  • Selling in complex networks
  • Adaptation as key when aiming for long-term business
  • Redefining the sales process: i.e. the sales process in the 21st century
  • Translating strategy into sales practices

ibd often provides training to the sales force or sales teams as workshops or seminars e.g. in conjunction with sales strategy & planning days.

ibd services in a nutshell

ibd services is a European provider of strategic sales and sales management, consulting and business development services for companies that are seeking to launch, expand or develop their operations. We help our clients to win, grow and manage customers (and suppliers) to improve their business performance. Successfully, since 1998.