Salesperson training

In a business which is characterised by a fairly small number of potential customers, each sale counts: the seller cannot afford having “wild cowboys” doing the selling. ibd has helped many of its clients’ salespersons in developing their sales approach & sales skills and to achieve and maintaining increased sales performance. ibd’s salesperson training focuses e.g. on following topics:

  • Understanding the customer’s business and processes for optimal value co-creation
  • Using the power of the customer’s purchasing process
  • From adaptive selling to value co-creation for improved performance
  • Consultative selling in practice: i.e. selling complex solutions efficiently
  • Closing the sale faster and more efficiently: how to shorten the sales cycle

ibd often provides salesperson training either as workshops or seminars (e.g. in conjunction with sales strategy & planning days) or on a 1-to-1 basis ongoing (including customer visits).

ibd services in a nutshell

ibd services is a European provider of strategic sales and sales management, consulting and business development services for companies that are seeking to launch, expand or develop their operations. We help our clients to win, grow and manage customers (and suppliers) to improve their business performance. Successfully, since 1998.