Market entry planning

Entering new markets is usually a major decision and requires considerable investments by the firm. In order to ensure that the market entry can be executed as efficiently as possible, ibd helps its clients in planning and designing the market entry. During a market entry planning process, the following topics are typically covered:

  • Market readiness test
  • Market research and segmentation
  • Competitive landscape screening (to enable the best positioning)
  • Market feasibility study (business case check for market entry)
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • General customer qualification criteria
  • Business model development: business case (ROI), use case and value-creation abilities
  • Formulating the sales model (direct or partnering)
  • Sales force planning: i.e. objectives, quotas, sizing, support and territory design
  • Alignment of communication and marketing & sales activities

We have helped our clients in their market entry planning for example in the following situations:

  • Unsatisfactory performance in current markets or customer groups
  • Plans to penetrate new markets for achieving¬†growth
  • Rapid expansion of new business ideas: i.e. seizing the window of opportunity
  • Change in management (new CEO or VP sales) that triggers internationalisation

ibd services in a nutshell

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