Sales strategy development

Having a clear sales strategy that guides the sales force and that is aligned with the firm’s goals is a pre-requisite for being successful on long-term. During a sales strategy development process the following topics are usually covered:

  • Customer segmentation (based on ability for value-creation)
  • Customer prioritisation and targeting: selecting the right customers or prospects
  • Relationship objectives and selling models: transactional or relational approach
  • Decision on the use of sales channels: direct or indirect, and single or multiple channels
  • Sales force control, compensation and supervision systems
  • Customer value proposition development
  • Salesperson selling process and behaviours: traditional or consultative selling
  • Formulation of sales management program: sales process design and sales force management

We have helped our clients in sales strategy crystallisation for example in the following situations:

  • Lack in strategic focus in sales force: “wild cowboys” instead of sales professionals
  • Market entry challenges that require rethinking sales & selling
  • Change in sales management (VP sales)
  • Changes in business environment (competition or customer base)

ibd services in a nutshell

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