Strategic business planning

Having a well-though through plan is a pre-requisite for long-term success for any successful business. At ibd we take a holistic view on strategic planning: instead of dividing between strategy and business, we consider them as one. While reducing the need for first planning and only then executing, this simultaneously speeds up the whole process. During a business planning process, the following topics are usually covered:

  • Analysis of business environment
  • Identification of the company’s core competences
  • Forming a common view of the future
  • Developing mission and vision statements
  • Formulating targets and goals for the firm
  • Defining, identifying and selecting the target markets
  • Analysis of the competitive advantage and positioning of the company
  • Identifying the key customers and prospects
  • Implementation of plan and alignment of business functions (marketing, sales, etc.)
  • Developing measurements and a follow-up plan

We have helped our clients in overall strategic business planning for example in the following situations:

  • Lack in strategic focus and understanding of success factors
  • Breaking into new markets
  • Change in management (CEO/ VP sales) or ownership
  • Changing business environment

ibd services in a nutshell

ibd services is a European provider of strategic sales and sales management, consulting and business development services for companies that are seeking to launch, expand or develop their operations. We help our clients to win, grow and manage customers (and suppliers) to improve their business performance. Successfully, since 1998.