Professional Purchasing Consulting

Purchasing has become a strategic function in companies. In fact, savings through effective purchasing basically has a 1-to-1 effect on the company’s profit line. In order to help its clients in increasing purchasing efficiency & effectiveness and moving from regular buying to professional purchasing, ibd provides following services:

Having been directly involved in selling and purchasing, combined with extensive research in the areas of purchasing and supply chain management, we are well-equiped to help our clients develop their purchasing function. We help our clients in changing the mindset, and adopting a portfolio approach to purchasing. Our professional purchasing consulting and coaching is offered on 1-to-1 basis (head & members of the buying team) or groups (buying teams).


ibd services in a nutshell

ibd services is a European provider of strategic sales and sales management, consulting and business development services for companies that are seeking to launch, expand or develop their operations. We help our clients to win, grow and manage customers (and suppliers) to improve their business performance. Successfully, since 1998.